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Organize Jobs

Cabinetshop Maestro organizes all of your job details, specifications, and files into one safe, secure, and accessible location online.

Orchestrate Workflow

Our cabinet shop software gives you a clear perspective and makes it easy to manage multiple jobs simultaneously.

Optimize Results

Cabinetshop Maestro measures the results of your process, enabling you to make continuous improvements.

Designed specifically for busy custom cabinet shops

As a busy cabinet shop, there are lots and lots of moving pieces to manage to keep jobs running smoothly and on schedule. Missed details and poor communication can lead to costly mistakes. Without a simple central system, this can become quite draining on you and your business. Cabinetshop Maestro is the solution for the busy cabinet shop. It provides one simple organized place for you and your team to centrally manage all of your jobs, details and schedules. It helps you from getting lost in the little details and keeps the big picture focus of your business in front of you.

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Organize job details

  • Organize job details, contacts and specifications in one central location.
  • Serve as a communication hub for all job related discussions, notes and changes.
  • Centralize storage of all job documents online.

Orchestrate job workflow

  • Map out all necessary job tasks and schedule for an efficient workflow.
  • Set estimated task times, assign tasks and plan out project timelines.
  • Create and manage employees through prioritized task lists.

Monitor ongoing job progress

  • Track actual task times and labor costs per job.
  • Continually compare actual task times and expenses to original estimated values.
  • Monitor job progress to see if a job is on schedule.

Analyze completed jobs

  • Compare estimated task times and costs to actual job values.
  • Review and analyze past workflows to find possible ways for greater efficiency and profits..
  • Use job data to improve future estimating of task time and job expenses.

With our cabinet shop software, it is now possible for the custom cabinet shop to have an affordable job management tool that will give you the controls you need to run a more orgainized, orchetsrated and optimized business.

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