As a professional cabinetmaker running my own custom cabinet shop for 21 years, I had been up and down the small business “roller-coaster”— from absolutely swamped with too much work and seemingly impossible deadlines to periods of prolonged downtime.
All the while, I have always had the nagging thought, “There has got to be an easier way! There has got to be a way to manage this!” However, my skills are that of a cabinetmaker more than that of a project manager, so I needed help. Our software was designed to help manage all the details so you can run your business with less effort and less of the roller coaster effect. It will allow you more time and energy to just focus on building great cabinetry, which last time I checked, is the fun part, right?

Brian Haughey Brian Haughey Founder Cabinetshop Maestro

We get as a small business owner can be difficult, just never enough time in the day.

Your productivity is our mission.

Cabinetshop Maestro Project Management Software helps you...

  • Centrally organize and manage all of your project, customer, and vendor details
  • Increase your shop's productivity through better planning and forecasting
  • Continually analyze and track productivity and profitability

We offer a simple and straight-forward software solution to make your life as a cabinet shop owner easier.

We love speaking with fellow cabinet shops, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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