Project management software for custom cabinet shops

A modern, web-based software designed to centrally organize job information, orchestrate workflow and optimize your team's efforts.

At-a-glance Perspective

See all of your jobs at once. Monitor and track work-in-progress.

Everything In One Place

Organize all job information, details and discussions in one central place.

Everyone Up-to-date

Keep your team up-to-date and moving in the same direction.

See all active jobs at once

Cabinetshop Maestro makes it easy to stay on top of your active jobs. Our software provides Workflow Boards, allowing you to see all your active jobs at a glance. This lets you quickly see what phase each job is in and what needs to be done next. You'll be able to easily track the progress of your jobs, even when you have many of them!

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Cabinet shop software workflow boards

Cabinet shop software job folders

Organize Job Information into one place

Cabinetshop Maestro's Job Folders make it easy to store and access all the information you need about your jobs. It provides a central platform where you can store job information, schedules, files, material lists, and more. This makes it easy for you to stay organized and in control of your workflow, from the first contact with a customer to the final punchlist item. You'll be able to easily access your job information wherever you are - at the office, at the job site, or on the road. This will save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what's most important - delivering high-quality work to your customers.

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Communicate better with your team

Cabinetshop Maestro is the solution for custom shops that need a better way to manage their job information. Our software provides an online hub where all your team members can access the job information they need. This allows team members to work more efficiently and effectively with fewer questions. With Cabinetshop Maestro, you can improve your team's performance and continue delivering high-quality work to your customers, all while staying organized and on top of your schedule.

The all-in-one tool to help you run your business better

 Workflow Boards

Stay organized and on top of multiple jobs with our Workflow Boards. These boards display all of your current jobs, organized by phase and accompanied by relevant task lists. This helps you easily see where each job stands and what needs to be done next.

 Digital Job Folders

Easily organize and manage all important job information and details in one central online location. Our platform allows you to create schedules, order materials, and store job files and images. This keeps everything you need for each job in one convenient place, accessible from any device.

 Job Schedules

Efficiently plan and manage your workflow with our job scheduling tools. Monitor the progress of work completed and quickly identify any outstanding items. You can also manage material orders to ensure that everything arrives on time and avoid any delays.

 Proposals & Invoices

Easily create customized proposals and invoices, and generate change orders and credit memos as needed. Keep track of payments and view open balances for all your jobs in one central place. This helps you manage your job financials and stay on top of your business.

 Time Tracking

Track the time you spend on tasks and compare it with your estimated times to improve your profitability. This helps you identify areas where you can save time and increase efficiency, which can directly impact your bottom line.

 Job Costing Reports

By analyzing historical job costing data, you can improve your processes and estimating. This information helps you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that can increase profitability and efficiency.

Specially designed for busy custom cabinet shops

As a busy cabinet shop, managing multiple jobs and details can be overwhelming and lead to costly mistakes. Without a system in place, this can drain your time and energy, making it difficult to keep track of all the moving pieces.

Cabinetshop Maestro simplifies this process by providing a centralized system for managing your business.

It allows you to stay organized, avoid missed job details, and improve communication with your team.

This gives you the control and peace of mind you need to run your business effectively and make informed decisions that can improve your bottom line.

Cabinetshop Maestro - made by a cabinetmaker for cabinetmakers. 

Cabinet shop software workflow boards

Professional Version

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  • Unlimited job tracking
  • Workflow, scheduling and communication tools
  • Full support

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