Workflow Board

The Workflow Board is considered the main page of the program. It is here where you will be able see all your active jobs at a glance.

Jobs are arranged in columns as “cards” and positioned according to what “milestone” they are in. You can think of milestones as job phases. We can help you setup your milestone columns to best match your existing workflow terminology.

The basic idea is that the jobs will progress from left-to-right as you work on them. Condensed task list are optionally displayed on each card. These task list only show task that are having to do with the phase the job is in… it hides any future phase/milestone tasks until the job progresses to that phase. This way your task lists and board as whole are as condensed as possible.

How it can help you and your shop:
Manage multiple jobs at once, monitor progress and see what needs to be done and what needs more attention.

Busy shops have lots of jobs going on at once. And it is easy for things to slip-through-the-cracks while you working on other jobs. The Workflow Board will put you at ease... you will not miss anything. If any task is late, it will highlight as red in the task lists. If any job is late it will highlight the job card with a red border. And you'll be able to see what tasks are currently being worked on-- they'll be highlighted in green.

It is all there in one place, the Workflow Board.

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