Job Folders

Clicking any job opens the job folder view. Jobs will have an overview tab as well as room tabs. So, the overview tab represent the overall job info, while the room tabs are the room-specific parts of the job.

cabinetmakers job management

Questionnaire This is optional and can be either customized or turned off in custom company settings. The logic with the questionnaire is to get the job information gathering process started with a customer.
Current Tasks This is similar to the task list on the workflow board where it just shows the tasks relevant to what phase the job is. You can set up various default task list that you can quickly load into a job. Once you set these up they can save you time from having to enter tasks individually.
Needed Materials This shows you only the material that you entered for this job that are marked as “needed”. Similar to how you can create and load default task lists into a job, you can do the same with materials. This helps eliminate some of the repetitive data entry that can happen when entering jobs.
Financials This section is visible to only users that have top-level permissions. Permission levels are set when you set up new users. This section is where you can perform cost estimates, create proposals and invoices.
Job Files You can upload any job pictures, files and drawings. You can also optionally load external links to maybe a drop-box folder or google drive folder you might have set up for this job.
Discussions This is where you can discuss this job, add any notes or announce any changes to your team. When you add discussions here you will be given the opportunity to select which users can see your discussion, in case is just doesn’t pertain to some users. In adition, you can choose to send email notifications about this discussion. A notification system alerts users when they log in if they have any unread job discussions they should see. This keeps everyone informed and up-to-date.

How it can help you and your shop:
Organize all of your important job information in one place-- from details and discussions to estimates and invoices

Break down jobs by room, track millwork and cabinetry details, cleary list scope-of-work and add any notes, files or images. Plus... track material lists, manage schedules and create estimates, proposals and invoices.

Our job folders help keep your team on the same page and eliminate uneccessary mistakes.

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