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Cabinet Shop Scheduling Software for an Efficient Workflow

Moving pieces of your shop schedule
“Wouldn’t it be nice if all the moving pieces of your projects would just fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle without any delays?

Cabinet shop scheduling can be just as precise of an operation as completing a complex turning on the lathe.

Some weeks, new jobs pile up and other weeks business is slow. It’s too easy to have projects get hung up because of a late shipment or a miscommunication. Gathering all the necessary information and specifications from designers, builders, and architects can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

A cabinet shop needs a system for accurate and efficient scheduling and project management (with an automated reminder system) to:

  • Minimize information gathering delays.
  • Efficiently order material
  • Plan and assign project tasks to employees
  • Monitor the progress of multiple projects
  • Track task times
  • Improve your estimating
  • Deliver on-time, every time!

Cabinet Shop Scheduling Software

Different employees work better at different parts of the process, and it’s important to have the right people there when you need them. With detailed and advanced planning and forecasting, you can make sure that your people are going to be around when they’re needed, where they are needed, and with the necessary materials and information to complete the task.

Managing Deliveries

High end materials and fixtures can be difficult to source. Even trusted vendors sometimes run into problems. The whole project sometimes hinges on the delivery of one or more difficult to obtain specialty items. It takes an adjustable scheduling platform to control (and plan for) the effects of delayed shipments and vendor errors.

Staying organized is critical

When you have more than one project in the works, complicated by delivery delays and snafus, it’s easy to lose track of the big picture. Not to mention the additional strain of marketing, sales and administrative tasks necessary to keep the business running and the new jobs coming in.

Reliability leads to repeat customers

Everyone, from your sales team to your ultimate customers, is going to be happy if you can accurately predict when a job is going to be ready for install. That's why you need cabinet shop scheduling software like our Cabinetshop Maestro. It will help you to effectively manage multiple jobs and stay on schedule.
Cabinet shop software scheduling

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