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Project Management Software for Custom Woodworking Shops

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Let’s face it, all too often woodworking project management for a custom shop means a pencil, a piece of paper (or block of wood), and the space between the ears. While you of course still need that space between the ears, the days of writing important details on a block of wood and not being able to find it later need to come to an end.

You need an efficient and scalable system of managing your woodworking projects, their timelines, workflows and tasks.

This is true whether or not you have employees, but most definitely if you do. The good ol’ block of wood project management method is just not scalable. As the business owner it is your job to design a way of doing the work so the work continues with or without you—so things get done regardless whether you are at the shop, on the road, or out making sales. A good project management program can make you more effective in the running of your woodworking business. It will assist in organizing job details, collaborating efficiently with employees, contractors and customers, and aide in tracking and planning of projects more comprehensively.

Woodworking Project Management Software, It’s like Extra Office Help!

As a business owner, you try to be as comprehensive and complete in planning out a project as possible. This happens in most cases. However, is it not always possible because of human nature—and sometimes you just do not have all the information. Good project management software will ensure that you get all the information you need. The system should remind you of any open details that need to be determined and send email reminders to applicable parties so that you get the details before any costly delays.

It Keeps the Ideas in the Business

Businesses will often suffer whenever a competent employee resigns, taking with them the skills they acquired from the business. With project management software, the business process remains with the company and can be easily replicated for new employees through the project management software. As such, the business is not wholly dependent on any individual.

It Provides Objective Tracking

Good project management software offers an objective evaluation tool as to employees as well as workflow process. Through thoughtful planning and most importantly objective time tracking, it is easier to know who is meeting the deadlines and working effectively and what workflow processes lead to greater efficiencies.

Project Management Software for Custom Woodworkers: Another tool for the tool bag

Like all the tools that you use for your custom woodworking business, project management software should be considered based on your business needs and how it can be used to make your job as a woodworker easier. Not everyone needs a sliding compound miter box, for some a small chop box will do. It is all about evaluating what tools you can use to make your custom woodworking business better and make your job easier. If you are busy, have multiple customers, and are a custom woodworker and/or cabinetmaker, consider looking into a specialized product such as our project management software for custom woodworkers. Who just might become one of your favorite tools.
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